STAFF: Child Protection Ombudsman of Colorado

Karen Nielsen

Intake and Administrative Coordinator,

Karen Nielsen has been involved in public health and child welfare since 1994. Karen held positions as Outpatient Senior Counselor, Support Staff Supervisor, and Administrative Coordinator over an 18 year period at Jefferson County Public Health. She was further the on-site Drug and Alcohol Liaison for eight years at Jefferson County Division of Children Youth and Families. Karen also served as member of the Jefferson County Division of Children, Youth and Families Utilization Review Team for eleven years, served as a Design and Implementation Subcommittee member for the HB1451 Jefferson County Collaborative Management Interagency Oversight Group for two years. Karen also served as a Member of the State of Colorado Specialized Women’s Substance Abuse Program Collaborative Interagency Group for twenty one years, and as a member of the Adult Diversion Council, Office of the District Attorney 1st Judicial District for seven years.

Additionally, Karen is a Certified Addiction Counselor III (CAC III) since 1990 as required by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. Most recently, Karen worked for Specialized Out-patient Treatment Services, LLC as an Admissions and Administrative Coordinator where she assisted with completing intakes and evaluations, identifying, consulting, collaborating, and educating a wide variety of community agencies and attorneys on agency DUI and substance abuse treatment services. Karen has twenty four years of experience in treating individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues in outpatient and residential settings, and has a vast knowledge within the field of substance abuse and mental health treatment. Her expertise is in the areas of community collaboration, substance abuse, women’s issues, parenting, cultural issues, and in the child welfare system.