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Please complete the form below, including your telephone number, the best time to reach you, a brief summary of your concerns and the agency you are concerned about. An CPO staff member will be in contact with you within 48 business hours of your submission to complete the intake regarding your complaint.

To ensure efficiency, please review the information to the side of this complaint form regarding what the CPO can and cannot do when accepting and reviewing complaints. If you are uncertain if the CPO is the office you should be filing your complaint with, please review the information on our FAQ page. Our staff is here to help and to listen. If you are uncertain where to call, please contact us through this page, or at 720-625-8640, and someone will assist you with your system navigation needs.

Please see sidebar for examples of what we can and cannot help you with. If the agency is not in our jurisdiction, the Ombudsman Office probably cannot help you except to refer you to the right place.

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The CPO can do the following:

  • Facilitate a process of independent, impartial review of family and community concerns
  • Request independent, accurate information
  • Conduct case reviews to help identify and resolve child protection and overall systemic issues
  • Provide recommendations to the State and County child protection departments, as well as to the Colorado Legislature, to improve the child protection system or overall service delivery
  • Offer the complainant options for resolving their concerns
  • Serve as a resource and systems navigator
  • Provide ongoing public education

The CPO cannot:

  • Directly respond to emergencies regarding child safety
  • Cannot investigate allegations of child abuse and/or neglect
  • Review complaints concerning domestic relations issues (CFI, court rulings, custody orders, etc)
  • Investigate or overturn the acts or decisions of the Court or their staff
  • Investigate complaints or concerns regarding the conduct of Judges, Magistrates or attorneys
  • Investigate complaints regarding a Guardian ad Litem
  • Provide legal advice
  • Intervene in any criminal or civil proceeding or any criminal investigation

Confidentiality Policy

The Office of the Child Protection Ombudsman (CPO) will protect the confidentiality of the complainant’s identity to the extent possible. CPO staff shall inform a complainant that the complainant’s identity may only be disclosed if deemed necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office or to ensure safety of any party involved.