About the Child Protection Ombudsman (CPO)

colorado-capitol-winterPursuant to C.R.S. Sections 19-3.3-101 through 109, C.R.S., CPO has the power and duty to facilitate a process of independent, impartial review of family and community concerns to request independent, accurate information, and to conduct case reviews to help resolve child protection and overall systemic issues. Anyone may file a confidential complaint or concern with CPO. CPO must report annually to the governor and the legislature regarding systemic issues, data trends, and recommendations for improvements within the child protection system. CPO also serves as a resource and “systems navigator” to stakeholders and the general public by assisting with individual cases and providing ongoing public education and resources to promote the best interest of children and families.


  • Advocate for fairness and for an impartial and objective experience for all citizens that are touched by the child protection system in Colorado, including County and State department staff.
  • Promoter of best practice through recommendations to overall systems improvements or consultation.
  • Proactive change-agent through recommendations, facilitation of discussions for systems improvements and change, as well as an advisor to various stakeholders within the child protection community.


  • Consideration and potential investigation of complaints/inquiries;
  • Tracking and analysis of data for public reporting and for systemic recommendations
  • Systems navigation and general assistance to the public, including system stakeholders; and
  • Public education on child protection related issues