CPO Impact

Through outreach and education, the CPO engages with citizens, stakeholders and legislators to learn more about the issues impacting the child protection system and to ensure the CPO is serving communities in an effective manner.

CPO Impact

2017 Outreach and Education

2017 Colorado Children’s Caucus

April 17, 2017 -- Deputy Ombudsman Sabrina Burbidge participates in a panel to educate legislators about how drug-endangered children and protected and cared for in Colorado.

The CPO will work to provide the General Assembly with thoughtful insight and comprehensive research concerning issues within the child protection system. Through its research, investigations, reviews and engagement with stakeholders and citizens, the CPO will provide legislators with recommendations concerning “statutory, budgetary, regulatory and administrative changes, including systemic changes, to improve the safety of and promote better outcomes for children and families receiving child protection services in Colorado.” See C.R.S. §19-3.3-103(2)(e).

In performing this duty, the CPO will maintain its independence as stated in C.R.S. §19-3.3-103(5).

The CPO will also maintain its impartiality by adhering to best practice standards set by the International Ombudsman Association, the United States Ombudsman Association and the American Bar Association.