We help citizens navigate the child protection system and direct them towards needed services and resources.

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CPO Jurisdiction

The CPO receives “complaints concerning child protection services made by, or on behalf of, a child relating to any action, inaction, or decision of any public agency or any provider that receives public moneys that may adversely affect the safety, permanency, or well-being of a child. The ombudsman may, independently and impartially, investigate and seek resolution of such complaints, which resolution may include, but need not be limited to, referring a complaint to the state department or appropriate agency or entity and making a recommendation for action relating to a complaint.” See C.R.S 19-3.3-103(1)(a)(I)(A).

Examples of agencies and/or providers
the CPO has jurisdiction
to review

  • Human service agencies

  • Youth corrections

  • Law enforcement

  • Educators

  • Medical professionals and treatment providers

Pursuant to C.R.S. 19-3.3-101 to 110,
the CPO does not have the
authority to:

  • Investigate allegations of abuse and/or neglect.

  • Interfere or intervene in any criminal or civil court proceeding.

  • Review or investigate complaints related to judges, magistrates, attorneys or guardians ad litem.

  • Overturn any court order.

  • Offer legal advice.

If a inquiry or complaint falls outside of the CPO’s jurisdiction, citizens may also consider contacting one of the agencies below:

Colorado Office of the Child’s Representative

Colorado Office of Respondent Parents’ Counsel

Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel