Office and Complaintant Rights and Responsibilities

son-mom-daughterComplainant Rights:

Complainants are entitled to:

  • A timely response acknowledging receipt of the complaint
  • Professional and respectful communication from agency staff
  • An impartial review
  • A credible review process
  • Contact from the OCPO if additional information is required
  • Communication from the OCPO regarding the outcome of the review

Complainant Responsibilities:

Complainants shall:

  • Attempt to resolved problems with the agency prior to filing a complaint
  • Complete the complaint intake
  • Ensue that the allegations in the complaint are pertinent to the role of the OCPO
  • Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of requested information
  • Communicate respectfully with OCPO staff

Ombudsman Rights:

The OCPO may:

  • Decline to accept a complaint that does not fall within the jurisdiction of the OCPO
  • Determine the level of review, the documentation and interviews necessary for gathering the information required to determine the findings
  • Expect the complainant to provide any additional information requested in a timely manner
  • Determine when a complaint requires no further action.

Ombudsman Responsibilities:

The OCPO shall:

  • Complete reviews and investigations in a timely manner
  • Complete a thorough and impartial review
  • Ensure confidentiality to the complainant to the extent possible
  • Ensure professional and respectful communication
  • Provide the results of the review to the complainant