Ombudsman Staff

Stephanie Villafuerte, Child Protection Ombudsman

Stephanie Villafuerte was appointed to serve as the Colorado Child Protection Ombudsman in December 2015. For the past 25 years, Ms. Villafuerte has dedicated her legal and public policy career to the area of child maltreatment.

Sabrina Burbidge, Deputy Ombudsman

Sabrina Burbidge joined the CPO in January 2012. She has been involved in public and private child welfare since 1994. Sabrina held positions as ongoing child welfare case manager, adoptions case manager, and intake case manager at Jefferson County Division of Children, Youth and Families.

Jordan Steffen, Communications and Policy Director

Jordan Steffen joined the Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman in July 2016 as the Communications and Policy Director. Jordan has extensive experience researching and analyzing public policy, laws and rules concerning child protection in Colorado. Prior to joining the office, Jordan held an award-winning career in synthesizing data and stories from within the child protection system to inform the public.

Melissa Vigil, Child Protection Systems Analyst

Melissa Vigil, Child Protection Systems Analyst, has been involved in Colorado child protection since 2008. With over seven years’ experience in the Child Welfare system investigating a variety of child abuse and neglect concerns. Melissa also has previous experience in the criminal justice system as a probation officer, as well as a clerk for a metro area police department.

Caroline Parker, Child Protection Systems Analyst

Caroline Parker joined the Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman as a child protection systems analyst in August 2017. Before assuming her duties as a systems analyst, Caroline worked with the Ombudsman on an extended research project to document the history of Colorado’s child protection system dating back to the 1860s. Caroline has experience working on a wide variety of policy issues that affect children and families.

Kristin Pietsch, Child Protection Systems Analyst

Kristin Pietsch joined the Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman in November 2017. She is a licensed attorney in Colorado and has significant experience working within the judicial and legislative systems. As a Family Court Facilitator with the First Judicial District for more than three years, Kristin assisted unrepresented parties in divorce and custody cases, helped them navigate the court system and provided resources to families to assist them during difficult times.

Karen Nielsen, Administrative Coordinator

Karen Nielsen, Administrative Coordinator, has been involved in public health and child welfare since 1994. Karen held positions as Outpatient Senior Counselor, Support Staff Supervisor, and Administrative Coordinator over an 18 year period at Jefferson County Public Health.